Top 10 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Stress-Free During Fireworks Shows

For humans, summer is an exciting time of year. Beyond the pleasant weather, we have a whole season crammed with holidays, festivities, and festivals that tend to bring our evenings to a rousing conclusion with a bang. Isn’t there something unique about tilting your head back and witnessing color confetti-like splatter over the night sky?


On the other hand, fireworks are frightful when seen through a dog’s eyes. A dog’s survival instinct causes them to be inherently terrified of loud sounds, but fireworks are more than simply a source of noise to your canine companion. They appear out of nowhere, are brilliant and unpredictable, and emit a burning stench into the air. There are no warning signals for them. 


It’s no surprise that more dogs run away on the Fourth of July in the United States than on another day of the year. They must be under the impression that the globe is exploding! Some dogs are afraid of fireworks; however, until you are confident that your dog is not scared of fireworks, we suggest that you try some of the following methods to make the fireworks season less stressful for your dog.


Consider making alternative plans for your dog, particularly if you intend to go out or live near a fireworks show


Dropping your dog off at a friend’s or relative’s home, a dog daycare, a boarding facility, or even paying a pet sitter to remain with them are all possibilities. In this manner, if your dog becomes frightened, it will be in a safe location under observation.


Make a haven in your house


If you cannot carry your dog to a secure location away from the fireworks, providing them with a haven might be beneficial. Perhaps your dog already has a sanctuary, such as a crate, a puppy playpen, a kennel, or even a space beneath your bed. If so, keep it there. Make this location readily accessible for them during the main event to take cover during significant events.


Remove all visual stimuli from the environment


Although there is no way to block out the sound of fireworks completely, you can still do your dog a favor by shutting your windows, blinds, and curtains so that they are not exposed to the dazzling flashes of light from the pyrotechnics.


Boost your dog’s confidence


Using a soothing tone of voice while speaking to your dog and patting them will also reduce their nervousness. It will only create the experience more difficult for your dog if you become angry at them or force them to “face their fears.”


Maintain your composure


Dogs are very aware of our emotions, body language, and tone of voice, and they respond accordingly. Your dog may select up on your anxiety if you make a big issue about the fireworks by being terrified or even merely concerned about him, and he will believe that he has reasonable cause to be worried as well.


Consider using anti-anxiety devices


Consult your veterinarian or a dog trainer for advice on best handling your dog’s fear during fireworks displays. To assist your puppy in coping with stress, several different choices are available, including Thundershirts, soothing pheromones, vitamins, and medicine.


Feed and hydrate your dog before the start of the fireworks


Depending on how scared your dog is about fireworks, they may not want to eat or drink once the noise begins. Another source of stress that you can assist your dog in avoiding is having an empty stomach. Also, be sure to allow them to use the restroom before starting.


Your dog will be exhausted


A tired dog is a tranquil dog, so be sure to get your dog as much exercise as possible before the celebrations start. The idea is for your dog to be as tired as possible before the fireworks begin so that he can enjoy himself. As a result, a simple stroll around the block may not be sufficient. Going for a run or playing catch in the park are also good options to consider.


Create an evening activity for your dog


Give your dog a special treat a few minutes before the fireworks begin so that they may enjoy it instead of paying attention to the loud sounds around them. To help keep their minds engaged, a Kong frozen with peanut butter, a bully stick, an antler, or any other form of long-lasting chew will be the ideal solution.


It is possible to educate a dog not to be bothered by pyrotechnics like a hunting dog is not bothered by a gunshot


However, desensitizing your dog to loud sounds cannot be accomplished immediately. The aim is to play a calm recording of fireworks for your dog while still giving him a sweet reward. Then, over months, gradually increasing the volume. Going too loud and too quickly might have the opposite effect, making your dog more fearful of the sound. 


We strongly recommend that you search for the assistance of a trainer to guide you through the procedure. Allowing yourself to consider the holiday season from your dog’s point of view may help make it more joyful for the whole family. In the finish, your dog will be thankful to you for taking the time to consider them and ensuring that they are safe and happy throughout the celebrations.


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