2022’s Top 8 Dog Subscription Boxes

The best thing for our pets might be to spoil them a little. Getting a dog subscription box every month is a great way to show your pet some extra love. In recent years, subscriptions have become more and more popular because they are easy to use and save money. 

There are subscriptions for everything from food to household goods to streaming services, so why not something for our four-legged friends as well? When you sign up for a subscription box, you and your dog will get a new treat, toy, or accessory every month. You and your dog will have a new adventure every month!

What is a Dog Subscription Box, and why should you get one?

Dog subscription boxes are a great way to get treats, chews, toys, apparel, and other fun things for your dog delivered right to your door. If your dog gets a monthly subscription box, you don’t have to make a lot of trips to the pet store or buy all these things one at a time. Local bakers make the treats, and the food is made to order. 

The doll is created of non-toxic materials and is safe for your dog. Many people like to get themed dog boxes, like a birthday, holiday, or puppy. It’s easy to keep your dog healthy, happy, and pampered without having to spend a lot of money on dog subscription boxes each month. It’s essential to look at the different options to ensure you get the right one for your pet.

8 of the best boxes for dogs to get

Let’s compare our picks for the best dog boxes when you know what they are. You can get subscription boxes for dogs that like to chew a lot, as well as subscription boxes for dog treats.


In terms of subscription boxes for dogs, BarkBox is our favorite. There is a new surprise theme each month, like “Lick or Treat” for October and “Sweetie Pies Bakery” for February. All of the items in the boxes are based on the month’s theme. Each month is a new adventure!

Pup Mom Crate

Do you have a dog? Pup Mom Crate has a subscription dog box for dog moms and their pets that is made just for them. Dog toys and treats for the pet and fun things for the mom come in various themed boxes.


PupBox is our favorite subscription box for dog toys. This is because it has the best toys. People who have dogs who like to play with toys should get this. It’s suitable for puppies, too. There are treats and chews in the boxes every month, as well as a wide range of toys and fun accessories, like collars, birthday hats, and cleaning/grooming tools.


It’s a good idea to get a subscription box that sends you durable dog toys if your pet is a power chewer. BullyMake’s custom-made toys are made of nylon, rubber, rope, and ballistic material and are meant for people who like to chew on things. Every month, BullyMake sends a box to your dog with 2-3 tough toys and three bags of treats.

Real Dog Box

In this case, we think Real Dog Box is the best subscription box for dog treats. Whether you operate with a puppy or have a puppy in training, you need a lot of high-quality treats. It comes in four different boxes, each with a diverse mix of all-natural, unprocessed treats and chews that don’t have any chemicals or fillers in them.

The Dapper Dog Box

You should get this subscription box for your dog if they like getting attention and treats. All of the packages come with two treats or chews or two toys, as well as a limited-edition dog bandana that is very cute. Your dog will be the best-dressed dog in the neighborhood!


If you want a flexible dog subscription box that can be changed, PupJoy is a good choice. It’s up to you: You can choose from one of their curated boxes each month, or you can build your delivery and choose the products in your boxes. All of the treats and toys in the boxes are made in the United States. There’s also a power-chewing option for people who chew a lot. PupJoy also sells boxes that you can buy once to try them out or buy one as a gift.

The Chewy Goody Box

For cheap dog subscription boxes, Chewy Goody Boxes are a good choice. People can buy them once and give them as gifts, making them easy to purchase and offer. There are a lot of different dog boxes to choose from, like birthday boxes and puppy/potty training boxes. It doesn’t stop there: They even have boxes for cats. These boxes have toys, treats, and clothes inside.

How to Pick the Best Dog Subscription Boxes

So that you can get the most out of each shipment, it’s essential to choose the correct dog subscription box. This is specifically true for people who hope to pay for an annual subscription. People who want to buy a monthly dog box should think about these things before buying one.

Take into account the age, size, food, energy level, and hobbies of your pet

It’s essential to think about what your dog likes, what it doesn’t like, and what it needs when you choose a monthly subscription box for your dog. If you have a puppy, you might want to look for a dog box made for puppies. If your vet speaks your dog’s requirements to lose weight, you might not want to get a treat box every month.

Your dog’s chew strength should be kept in mind

Most of these boxes for dogs come with many different fun toys. But not all toys are made for people who chew a lot. If your dog rips apart soft toys, look for a dog subscription box that sells hard toys for dogs.

Consider your budget

Monthly dog subscription boxes may quickly add up if you have many subscriptions. And you don’t want to pay for things your dog doesn’t like or use. Consider how much a dog box costs and how much it costs to read the small print. Choose a dog box that fits your budget and your dog’s needs.

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