The Best Dog GPS Trackers To Try Right Now

Many people think that their dog won’t get lost or go missing. Every year, says American Humane, about 10 million pets are lost in the U.S. every year. People who love their pets may never get back together with them again. Pet ID tags and microchips can go a long way toward getting lost pets back to their owners. Dog GPS trackers are another way for pet owners to watch their dogs.


What Is a GPS Tracking Device for a Dog?


GPS trackers work with other pet safety products, like microchipping, to make sure pets stay safe. Trainer and founder of Your Dog Advisor: This person is a dog trainer. They can make it much more likely that you will be able to find your dog if he is lost or runs away from home. It can help pet parents find their dog by using GPS technology, WiFi, cell networks, and Bluetooth in the same way that these things are used in maps and smartphones today. Like a dog collar or collar clip, your pet may wear one of these.


There is no substitute for teaching your dog to come when called. GPS trackers can give you peace of mind when your dog is off-leash for activities like hiking or swimming or if your dog is afraid and could run away. A certified dog trainer and behavior consultant runs Rescued By Training. Many trackers can be attached to any dog collar, but some also come with a collar. Some have LED lights or glow-in-the-dark technology to make pets more visible at night.


There are many different ways that GPS trackers can be used for dogs


You can buy GPS trackers for your dog that work through a cell network, satellites, or Bluetooth. It doesn’t help if your dog is out of range of your phone. Bluetooth ones aren’t beneficial. My favorite ones to recommend work with cell service. There is a fee for these subscription-based trackers, but they can be used with good cell service in any area. They only work on a particular site. 


If your dog moves outside of the range of the tracker, it won’t be able to find your dog. If your dog is out of range, most will tell you. Today, most dog trackers work with Android or iOS phones, and you can use apps to see where your dog is. Many GPS trackers for pets have built-in WiFi or work with cell service, but some need bases that connect the trackers to your home’s wireless network. 


Dog GPS collars and devices may have extra features that aren’t just for tracking where your dog is. Some people keep track of your dog’s activity levels, sleep patterns, eating and drinking habits, and even how often your dog scratches or licks itself, which could be a sign of pain.


Shopping for GPS trackers for your dog: 


Tile for your pet


For a cheap way to track your dog, you could buy the Tile Pro or the Tile Mate and attach it to your dog’s collar with a ring clip. With Bluetooth, the Tile has a limited range and can’t be used as far away or as accurately as it could be. You can also use the Tile Network if your pet goes missing. You can click “Notify When Found” in the app to do this. This will let other devices with the Tile app look for your pet’s device and let you know where it is if it is found. If your pet is found, the Tile app will alert you.


In 200-400 feet, you can set off an alarm that will help you find your pet. While Tile isn’t as smart as some of the other trackers on this list, it is much cheaper. At just $29.99 to $34.99, you can get a device that can track your location without having to pay for it. Then, for premium service, you’ll pay just $2.99 per month or $29 per year: $2.99 per month or $29 per year. As a bonus, the battery lasts for up to a year and can be easily changed.


Whistle Go is a pet health and location tracker


For pet proprietors who need to track their dog with a GPS device, Whistle is the name of the game. This device connects to AT&T 4G LTE cell service and lets you see where you are on Google Maps. It comes with the GPS tracker, two different collar attachments, and a USB cable to charge it. It also comes with built-in health and fitness monitoring, so you can keep an eye on your dog’s activity and keep an eye its health and fitness.


Tractive Dog Tracker with GPS and LTE


This GPS dog collar is very flexible and can be used to find your dog in real-time. It also has live tracking and a history of where your dog has been. Simple, durable, and easy to use, this device goes on most dog collars and works with the Tractive GPS app, which you can download for free. It works with most dog collars.


If you want to know where your dog is, you can use this device to track how much they move. You can share your dog’s location with friends and family, and if you pay for the Premium plan, your dog’s location can be tracked around the world! This is a significant deal if you scheme to travel with your pet or live outside North America.


The JioBit Pet Tracker


You can use this new pet tracker, which can also track children to see where your pet is at all times. It uses cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies. For most trackers, you’ll need to connect to one of the tracking mechanisms for them to work. We appreciate that the app allows for numerous users, ideal for dog walkers or relatives and friends who want to keep a watch on your pet. Like many other trackers, you can set up geofences that will alert you if your dog goes outside of the boundaries you set up.


FI Series 2 Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker


You should get the FI Series 2 if you want a high-tech collar for your dog. Other dog trackers don’t already come with a specific collar that’s waterproof, strong, and very stylish. The FI dog collar comes with its collar. We also like that it has an LED light and a 3-month battery life.


For the first time, it’s also the first dog tracking collar that uses an LTE-M network, which is 30 percent more potent than 4G and 5G networks. If you want to know how active your dog is, the FI tracker and collar will help you do that. If you have the FI app on your phone, you can see how many steps your dog has taken and how active he is. You can also compare your dog to other dogs.


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