Pampered Puppies Deserve Luxury Dog Accessories

Dogs who are wealthy and well-connected could buy gifts for themselves if they could. They’d be filling their online shopping carts with high-end dog accessories like designer dishes and name-brand collars, as well as high-end toys and clothes. This is especially true this year when our dogs are helping us deal with a pandemic. 

Upscale pet items and supplements have been given to dogs. We’ve put together a bunch of things for your dog to enjoy as a reward for all the love and attention they give us all year long. Make their holidays even better with these high-end dog accessories that will make them wag their tails with happiness.

Cream Ceramic and Cast Metal Pet Feeder from GG Acanthus Leaf Collection

Your dog is a canine king or queen, so let them eat and drink in style. This old European double pet dish has a scrolled pattern that can hold two plates. It comes from the Acanthus Leaf Collection and cast iron with many details. The set is lower to the ground, making it a good choice for small dogs. Ceramic bowls can be taken out and put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Savior small pink dog bowls with rhinestones made by hand

“Go bling or go home.” That’s the motto of this pretty pink crystal-encrusted double-dog table and chair set. It’s time to face it: Some dogs are stars and deserve to eat like princesses. You can make this piece the star of your kitchen or the center of your dog’s room. The bowls are made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel and can be removed. The base should be delicately hand washed (much like your darling diva).

Collars for Dogs by Designers

Please keep your dog looking good all year long with a collar that fits its unique style. These high-end dog accessories make a statement, but they also have a lot of functionality and last a long time.

Collar for Dogs by Louis Vuitton

Why walk when you can show off? There are many must-have items for dogs, but it’s all about overindulgence this year. If you buy the Baxter dog collar from Louis Vuitton, you’re sure to draw attention at the dog park. Create your dog watch like a million bucks with this stylish collar. It has a monogrammed canvas, natural leather, and golden brass parts.

Turquoise Cabochons on Brown Leather Dog Collar by RN Design

If the price of the Louis Vuitton dog collar is too much for you, try this fancy collar with cabochon studs from Europe. This beautiful collar is made by hand in the United States, with a particular focus on dogs who deserve a prosperous, gemstone-encrusted collar. 

As the collar ages and wears, it will become softer and have a unique personality of its own. It’s an excellent method to show off your style while supporting a small business run by a woman. The collar fits puppies of all sizes and doesn’t break the bank.

Palaces for a Dog King and Queen

Posh dogs don’t sleep; they snooze. There are high-end plush beds, palaces, or both where they can sleep. After all, palaces are now the new dog houses, and they’re better than dog houses. If you want, you can let your dog have a socially isolated pajama party so each dog can choose her favorite bed from a wide range of cozy comforts.

Go glamping with style

Small dogs will love the privacy and style of this dog bed that looks like a tipi. Made of ultra-soft micro plush fabric, this luxury dog bed is cozy for dogs who want to glamp out in the great outdoors and be like the stars. Plus, the bed cushion can be taken out and washed in the washing machine. And don’t you love the plaid curtains for the front door? It’s so cute!

Handmade Button Tufted Pet Bed by Tov Furniture Yorkshire Collection

Dogs are beautiful, and they deserve a beautiful, functional pet sofa that adds a little bit of style to any pet lover’s home. It has button tufting, nailhead trim, and soft velvet upholstery, so she might not want to leave the comfort of her sofa again. The legs are made of PVC, making them more stable and robust. The best part is that it comes already set up, so your dog can start enjoying home right away.

Technical Discussions

People can work from home, and now dogs can do the same. So, of course, our dogs need their own digital devices, too.

Communicate With Puppy

People who own dogs can use the PetCube Play 2 Wi-Fi to keep an eye on their pets at any time of the day or night. Two-way audio means you can both hear and talk to your dog while you’re away or in another room. Because there are four microphones and a better speaker bar, the sound is much better. Alexa has gone to the dogs because the PetCube Play 2 Wi-Fi has AI built-in. Play music, answer questions and even order your pet’s favorite snacks. You can do this all at the same time.

Treat Tossing Furbo Dog Camera

Is it bad if you’re not there when they deserve a reward? Fill the Furbo Dog Camera with more than 100 pieces of your dog’s favorite treats and play a game of catch from a different room or even another city. As a result of the Livestream video, you can keep an eye on your dog with a 160-degree field of view and a 4x zoom. If your dog is in danger, you will be notified in real-time. Get to know your dog’s habits when you’re not around and when your dog is facing the camera (think perfect selfies). The Furbo can also be used with Alexa.

Luxury dog clothes and toys

It’s time for the bark to be the new black. Dogs are taking over the catwalk. Dog parents who love fashion swoon over chic dog clothes. It’s sometimes all about the glam with these dog clothes.

Brown Vuitton Monogram Dog Bone Toy by Dog Diggin Designs

Think about the look on your pet’s face when you give her a bone made by a designer. Chewy Vuitton’s dog bone toy is a mix of elegance and refinement. This plush bone has a fun squeaker and well-known logos that make it look like it’s from a high-class family or group. You can get them in small and big sizes, so you might want to put one in your bag. 

Flamenco Fido

It comes from the Roxy & Lulu fashion house and is ready to dance for dogs of all ages. Luxury dog clothes are all the rage right now, so this dress will fit right in with her wardrobe. The black velvet bodice ends with a red satin ruffle with a carefully applied 3D embellished rose peplum at the bottom of the skirt.

A black satin bows with a crystal stone in the middle to finish the look. A Paris-themed lining is a stunning contrast. This set features an embellished necklace with a black satin bow and gold heart-shaped rhinestone. Make sure your little girl has a dress like this to go through the holidays and Valentine’s Day as well as weddings and more.

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